With record home foreclosures, restrictions in the credit market, and increasing gasoline and food costs, all Arizonans are impacted by the economy right now. This project was designed to provide useful tips and resources to help you weather through the current tough economic times.

You can help others who are feeling the economic crunch by encouraging families, friends, neighbors, colleagues and people you come into contact with at work or school to visit this website. You can also print and hand out the information below. Finally, visit our Spread the Word section for other ideas on helping to promote this project.

Behind on your mortgage payment or facing foreclosure?
For housing, mortgage, money management, and foreclosure assistance visit our Housing section.
Recently lost your job or worried about lay-offs?
Arizona Workforce Connection is the place to go for unemployment insurance and employment and training resources. You can also find additional answers in our Employment section.
Experiencing more family stress than usual?
Our Family Stress section contains information about health, wellness and counseling to help you and your family.
Having trouble paying the bills?
For information on making your dollar stretch further, read our section on Paying the Bills. Visit Arizona Self Help for a free and easy way to find out if your family can get help from 25 different health and human services programs.
Can you help others who are in need?
People in your community need your help now more than ever. You can help families in your community by making a contribution: GIVE to your local United Way. Our Volunteer section also offers ways you can share your talents, learn new skills, feel good about yourself and positively impact the lives of others.