The Department of Economic Security, Community Partnerships and Innovative Practices at 1-800-582-5706, offers Community Action Programs to low-income families to encourage self sufficiency while assisting with hunger, homelessness, shelter and utility payments. One of the Community Partnerships and Innovative Practices programs, Short Term Crisis Services (STCS), provides temporary assistance to eligible people living in Arizona with shelter, utilities, repairs and related needs. Please contact your local Community Action Provider for additional information.

Are you facing foreclosure? Don’t waste another minute!

Arizona homeowners facing eviction or foreclosure should to contact their lender or HOPE NOW to explore their options. HOPE NOW credit counselors can be reached at their national toll-free number, 1-888-995-4673 (888-995-HOPE) to provide over-the-phone credit counseling that can help keep them in their homes. Contacting your lender or HOPE NOW today will give you more flexibility in finding a solution to keep your home.


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